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Well done to both our basketball teams who played in different pools yesterday against the other Cullompton Community College feeder schools. Our A team played against 4 other A teams: - St. Andrews, Willowbank, Willand and Clyst Hydon.  We won our first three matches very comfortably and the team (Peter, Sophie, Duncan, Thea and Leon) played amazingly well, with quite large numbers on our side of the score board. We knew our last match against Clyst Hydon would be the hardest and it didn’t help that we’d just played two matches on the trot with no break, but we did finish 12 all (the scorer missed one – I was counting!)

 in spite of being exhausted and starting the match with 3 players as one of ours had gone to get a drink. We were so chuffed however to come out on top and all the players were presented with GOLD medals. Sophie was actually awarded with the high accolade of ‘Best Player’ in pool A. I was extremely proud of all the children on the team who worked tirelessly to succeed.

Our second team (Conrad, Ellen, Herbie, Dylan and Chloe) were also amazing and beat both Willowbank and Willand B teams. They played slightly longer games as there were fewer teams in their pool! Their skills and tactics improved dramatically as the tournament went on and they really played tirelessly, responding really well to strategic advice and coaching.

Our B team also came away with winners’ certificates and gold medals. You were fantastic! Thanks to Annie Chudley for organising this event!

Firstly, I would like to thank Georgia Cutler for coming along to share her expertise and help coach the children; thanks also to the players who responded so well to her; she absolutely loved it! Also to our kind drivers and supporters: - Jane, Claire, Shelley and Austin whose support and encouragement was so valuable to the team, Georgia and myself. Thanks also to Toby for his kind words this morning! As a couple of children were missing I presented the children with their medals and certificates in church this morning.

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