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Mr Phil Cross teaches in Ash Class every day. He also runs our gardening club.


Mrs Emma Postlethwaite teaches in Oak Class for two days a week. She also runs our craft club.

(Curently Acting Head of School)


Mrs Helen Ainsworth teaches Oak Class for three days a week. 

Miss Caitlin Pilcher teaches Pine Class and she also runs our choir and football team.


Mrs Jenny Parkhouse is a learning support assistant in Oak Class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She is also our School Listener.


Ms. Bussell is a learning support assistant in Pine Class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 


Mrs Helen Bastin is our SENCO - she works across the federation.

Helen Bastin

Mrs Liz Hancock is a learning support assistant in Pine Class. 


Mrs Vicky Maycock is a learning support assistant in Ash. She also runs breakfast club every day.


Miss Georgie Hester is a learning support assistant in Oak class on Monday and Tuesday. 

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