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Mrs Emma Postlethwaite is our Head of School.

She teaches in Oak Class for two days a week and also runs our craft club.


Mr Phil Cross teaches in Ash Class every day. He also runs our gardening club.


Mrs Helen Ainsworth teaches Oak Class for three days a week. 

Mrs Caitlin Rodgers teaches Pine Class and she also runs our choir and football team.


Mrs Jenny Parkhouse is a learning support assistant in Oak Class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She is also our School Listener.


Ms. Bussell is a learning support assistant in Pine Class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 


Mrs Helen Bastin is our SENCO - she works across the federation.

Helen Bastin

Mrs Liz Hancock is a learning support assistant in Pine Class. 


Mrs Vicky Maycock is a learning support assistant in Ash. She also runs breakfast club every day.


Miss Georgie Hester is a learning support assistant in Oak class on Monday and Tuesday. 

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