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Broad, balanced, enriched and relevant Curriculum

Children at Plymtree C of E Primary School follow the National Curriculum.

We have five main drivers for our curriculum and these run through each subject:

* A love of reading

* Rapid recall of maths facts and a focus of mental strategies

* An enquiry approach to learning

* Being I.T. literate

* Mental health and wellbeing support


As a state school we must follow the national curriculum. The Secretary of State for Education is required to publish programmes of study for each national curriculum subject, setting out the ‘matters, skills and processes’ to be taught at each key stage. However schools are free to choose how they organise their school day, as long as the content of the national curriculum programmes of study is taught to all children.

At Plymtree School the subjects are not taught in isolation, wherever possible learning is linked by planning through topics. We are a rural village school and take full advantage of our wonderful learning environment; the immediate grounds, the surrounding areas and the many areas of outstanding natural beauty

How Plymtree School delivers the National Curriculum

Our curriculum is influenced strongly by the principles of the Early Years Foundation stage: The Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, and Learning and Development.

We believe that we should provide a creative curriculum with opportunities for our children to experience and succeed in many areas; a curriculum which reflects the fact that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. All areas of learning and development are important and interconnected. We need to provide a curriculum and environment for learning that enables the children to become successful.

The children will develop the essential skills of English, Mathematics and Science. However, they also will be able to express themselves through play, talk, song, music, drama, dance, arts, crafts, and design. They will begin to understand about the world in which they live. We will provide for their physical development and good health. Our curriculum will provide for their social, personal and spiritual development of our children.

We believe that our curriculum should be about developing children who enjoy learning, experience success, are excited by the world around them and are motivated to achieve the best that they can

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